This Sims 2 blog follows the lives of the Nuidya tribespeople of the northern mountains, as they try to survive, thrive and figure out what exactly it means to be a lizardsim. Along the way, there'll be drama, romance, utter silliness and lots of cats. Just watch out for those storm demons - they're sneaky. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

We Are Back! Nearly.

OK, maybe I lied about the next post being a Sim update. Sorry.

Well, after a far-too-extended hiatus and attempting to put my four-and-a-half-year hood behind me, I've decided that no, I can't start something new now.... unless I also have my Nuidya Sims to play. So Kulo Seeri is making a comeback. I can't tell you exactly when but it should be at some point before April 16th, which will be the hood's fifth birthday.

The only other thing I have to say is: Calling all Sims who can stand the thought of living somewhere remote and very low-tech with a culture that is nothing like modern SimNation! Kulo Seeri still needs new blood! Generation Four is growing up fast and by Sena, we can't keep going if we stay a community of relatives only! While we highly doubt anyone will actually be interested in moving to KS, if any Sims in your hood might be, let us know. (Yes, we could just have newcomers moving in out of nowhere, but Kenja Seeri wants us to create links with other hoods, so...)

Back online as soon as possible.

- VT and the Sims of the Nuidya tribe