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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Trouble Comes in Threes: Triple Bachelorette Challenge Intro

VT says: Well, I'm rebuilding again, but until I get back to blogging regularly, here's something for you all to read in the meantime!

Inspired by all the hilarious Bachelor and Bachelorette challenges I've read at Plumb Bob Keep, the need for at least one of the three zan-Avira sisters to produce an heir, and the general lack of eligible men in Kulo Seeri, I have outdone myself in the "overly complicated" department and devised a series of challenges for a group of ten men - some donated by other simmers at PBK, others made by me, all competing for the hand of either Headwoman Kitira or one of her younger sisters. And all three sisters will be part of the challenge at once!

Read on over the next couple of weeks for the first day of random photos, goofy challenges and possibly the occasional terrible pun!

(Note: None of this, except the identities of the three winners, will be canon in "regular" KS posts. Just saying.)

Right. Ready to start? Let's meet the guys...

From left to right:
Gaston LeBeau (created by Morganna from PBK), a great hunter from Tressia who enjoys sports, killing things and woohoo;
Adam Brentsson (created by me), a younger son of the nearby Blue Forest clan's chieftain, sent on a diplomatic mission to Kulo Seeri;
Tiolata zan-Ave Merrick (created by me), the half-Nuidya, non-vampire son of Larkspur zan-Ave and Beau Merrick, hoping to find himself and maybe true love among his mother's people;
Rock Greenman (created by me), another diplomatic envoy from that plantsim community Rose Greenman in Riverblossom Hills came from;
and Jason Riggs (created by Rowena from PBK), son of medieval versions of Rowena's character Trace and Corso Riggs, who longs for family, stability and a soulmate who understands him.

Trevor Gorski (created by me), younger brother of the late Nathan "Pit Boy" Gorski who spent most of his life in Kulo Seeri as a menial labourer but managed to die a war hero after zombies appeared, hoping to continue his family legacy of unexpected awesomeness;
Kane Tiani (created by me), great-grandson of Olabisi Tiani of "eighth survivor of the Great Storm" fame, who was just visiting but got roped into the contest by the elders;
Melchol Stone (born in FlyingRaccoon's game), once a sickly toddler, now all grown up in my game (though not in the game where he was born) and looking for a new start in a new place;
Sophos Stone (also from FlyingRaccoon's game), Melchol's older brother, a take-no-nonsense type who may well be here mostly for the sake of brotherly competition;
and Jay Sharp (created by me), son of a celebrity couple from SimNation, who appears to be here for the publicity more than anything else.

As for the three bachelorettes:

Repeating my intro from PBK here, so:

On the left is Kenda zan-Avira, youngest of the sisters. She's a Popularity/Fortune sim, her personality is 7/8/2/4/1 (Aquarius) and she is attracted to good cooks and bearded men, but somewhat repulsed by zombies. Kenda is pretty squeamish - despite her good aim and ability to run fast, she knew she was never going to be a hunter after throwing up at the birth of a litter of puppies - and isn't really that keen on the idea of having children, but the next generation will need a headwoman and it will shut the elders up for a while, so she might as well get in on this stupid contest.

In the middle is Kitira mi-Avira, the alternative form of the clan name indicating that she is the current headwoman of Kulo Seeri. She's a Knowledge/Popularity sim, and an Aries with the personality 5/10/8/3/6. She likes men with a larger body type, and is also attracted to jewellery and other adornments (as long as they're binned as glasses). However, she's less attracted to blond men, for reasons that may or may not involve goofball cousins. Kitira works hard and plays hard, enjoying a good party as much as a good story from the lorekeepers, and while she's never had much experience with romance, she knows this could be her best chance to find a suitable partner.

On the right is Abina zan-Avira, Kenda's older twin. She is a Pleasure/Family sim, her personality is 8/5/2/7/8, and like her twin she is an Aquarius and attracted to bearded men. She also likes athletic sims, but is not keen on overly logical types. Although she lost her sight at a young age, Abina is a fun-loving sim, a talented musician, and probably the most romantically inclined of the trio. She's hoping to meet the perfect match in this contest, and also hopes that it will be easier for her to find the right one than it will be for her sisters - after all, she's not going to get sidetracked by pretty faces, which she considers to be her main advantage in the contest.

Stay tuned for day 1! :)