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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Abina's Vengeance: Study or Die, Semester 1

VT Says: In my last post here, I was struggling to decide what to do with five four and a half troublemakers in Kulo Seeri. (Branch isn't a bad sort - he was doing what he thought was his only option to protect his family - but the other four do kind of deserve this.)

"This" is the Study or Die Challenge by hexagonal-bipyramid, which pits five students against a haunted house and an angry ghost. The tribal council has put Anan, Asken, Ganyalis, Branch and Pollux in an empty house in Sim State University, along with the vengeful spirit of Abina mi-Avira - quite appropriate, given that Abina was the target of the (failed/semi-thwarted) murder plan that got Ganyalis and Branch in here. She was also working on the tribe's first semi-formal code of law since the days of Azanni the Tyrant, back in the second generation, and has since ascended to the role of Patron Ancestor of Justice.

Of course, this isn't an automatic death sentence for them - it's a chance at redemption, with the guarantee of being pardoned for their crimes and getting a fresh start in the next rebuild of Kulo Seeri if they graduate. If they graduate.

And without any further waffling, here begins the (rather badly scripted) adventure...