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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Causing Trouble in Paradise...

...Because "What shall we do with the howling he-wolves, early in the play round?" was too long a title.

Basically, I'm close to playing Kulo Seeri again, but I need to work out how to deal with a few issues that cropped up in the last couple of iterations.

And now it's over to Arafa zan-Carmela, Kulo Seeri's recently appointed headwoman regent, to explain what's going on (with thumbnail pics from last year's rebuild because I have no in-game screenshots from this one yet):

Hello readers! This is actually quite a long story, so I'll keep it simple: former headwoman Kenda was temporarily zombified during a trip to Sunlit Tides, meaning she can no longer lead the tribe. The next in line is her eight-moon-old daughter Delyana, and since she's, well, eight moons old, I've been asked to mentor her and lead the council until she's old enough to do it herself.

We're currently mid-rebuild, and while that's going on, the council is working on finalising the half-finished code of law that Headwoman Abina was working on before her death. First priority: figure out what to do with five troublemakers who have got a little too out of hand. We've never had this many he-wolves to deal with, and it's come at a really bad time, with the child headwoman thing and all.

First off, there's Anan zan-Li. He seems to be completely devoid of any sort of compassion or respect for the world around him - on more than one occasion he's killed animals he had no intention of eating, for no good reason other than they were there. In fact, he was forbidden to marry about ten or so moons ago after setting fire to a basket of butterflies - the elders wanted him to prove he could show kindness before trusting him with a family, and so far he has failed in that regard.

Asken zan-Ace would say he had loving intentions, since his crime is basically wanting a much larger family than his ex-wife Tia did. Birthing their first child nearly killed Tia, and she decided then that she wasn't having any more... so Asken found some way of messing with her birth control... and men aren't even supposed to know herbalism round these parts. (One thing they are supposed to do is respect their wives' wishes regarding ideal family size.)

Then there's Ganyalis zan-Ave. Kenda literally let him get away with murder... almost. He was the one who planned to kill Abina for giving his daughter to Tania's family to raise. It was really because Tania was the only nursing mother in the village at the time, not because Ganyalis gave birth to the little girl himself, but he still planned for revenge. Or would have done, had Abina not died in childbirth anyway.

The fourth case is... a little complicated. Branch Timbley is an immigrant from Moonlight Falls, and although Abina was willing to overlook his plant-growing past, he was still Ganyalis' accomplice in the above revenge scheme. He says Ganyalis was blackmailing him with his family's safety, and he actually ended up stopping the scheme at the last moment. (Although, as I mentioned, Abina did still die.) To be honest, I'm considering putting him in charge of Kulo Seeri's male population... that could easily be viewed as both a reward and a punishment. It's still a promotion, but any future trouble would be on his head.

And finally, we come to Pollux zan-Ku. I am so mad at him right now... he was one of my niece Renee's admirers, but he is certainly not getting his proposal accepted now. He actually tried to pressure Renee into woohooing with him. Three times. To say nothing of the fact that he hasn't made any attempts to understand our customs since he got here, and can usually be found picking fights with anyone who looks at him the wrong way.

At the moment, none of us can agree on what to do with this bunch. We really need a solution before the official rotations start again, so... any suggestions, anyone? :)


  1. Did Anan zan-Li really set fire to a basket of butterflies, in the game?! I was kind of curious how he came to kill animals in the game. One idea I think I remember you considering in the past is having a female only society? I am sort of half joking but not entirely. Of course, you could have aggressive non males too.

    I saw that you have been recoloring hairs and am so impressed. Sounds like you're having fun with the recolors, too.

    1. Yes, he did! Actually what happened was he caught the butterflies in the usual game way, then the nearest "surface" to put them down was the trash pit that immediately burned the jar. :/ The next rotation I rolled an ROS for a rat infestation (cloned from roaches) and literally the first thing he did was stomp the rats. I wrote it into the story since Anan was a bit of a jerk anyway.

      As far as female-only hoods go, that would have to be a separate project since I don't want to just randomly zap away half my Kulo Seeri Sims. Even if they do have something against small animals.

      And finally - recolouring hairs is actually quite soothing and there is a definite sense of achievement afterwards! It is one kind of recoour I am good at :)

    2. I was just curious about what kind of animal mods you might have and what gameplay possibilities that created. The rat mod sounds cool. And weird about putting butterflies in the fire. That does seem needlessly cruel.

    3. I was pretty shocked/upset when it happened, to be honest. Mean Anan. :(

  2. Whoa, I'm so behind, but I'm so interested to see what happens with this bunch

    1. I should have the next update posted soon, thanks for your comment :)