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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Too Soon, Spring 97

Quarterend, Snowmelt 7, 97

Manewa hadn't been feeling too good lately.

It had hit suddenly, a couple of days ago, after getting back from one of her training sessions with the young would-be hunters and warriors of the tribe. She'd been getting worse since then. Today had mostly been spent coughing and taking potty breaks.

Aurora had told her to stay home and rest. Manewa knew she was right - Aurora was the village's expert on medicines and herbal remedies - but she was starting to go stir-crazy. How long did it take to mix one of those cures, anyway?

That night, one of Manewa's students - Eric zan-Ellen, who had, until recently, also been her stepson - had come over to see how she was. The attention would have been a welcome distraction, but... cats and dogs, she really felt terrible now.

She really hoped Li would be OK on her own.

RIP Manewa Kirikiri
Bluesky 8th 48 - Snowmelt 7th 97

VT says: Not how I wanted to spend my first rotation. This wasn't even an ROS - it was that darn deadly disease mod. Sad face. :(