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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Renovation Announcement

Once again, Kulo Seeri is rebuilding - and this time it will be better than ever, says tribal leader Kenja Sena Seerijata. Today, I spoke to her and former Apple Valley city planner Li Yoo about their plans for the new hood.
VT: So, what's behind the decision to rebuild?
Seeri: We've been having a lot of issues with our community lots since our last rebuild. I guess that's what we get for importing new technology after starting construction work. This time we're going to fix a few design flaws and remove all the stuff we thought we'd need that isn't getting used.

VT: Any plans for new buildings or community lots?
Li: I'm working on a few designs - it's not quite like planning a construction project for a SimNation hood, but I'm enjoying the new experience. The first rotation in the new hood will be winter, so I've been thinking of adding more indoor community lots, and we need houses with more space and the ability to stay put when the wind blows!

VT: What about imports? Any new additions or clear-outs planned?
Seeri: Both! About eighty percent of our current selection is unused, but we're going to import some more new stuff that should make things more like we want them to be. All I'm saying is, our motto is "Ti Dimanaya ma Zeena" - "Not SimNation and Proud" - so don't expect to see us walking around with cell phones.
Li: One of our community lots is going to have a couple of computers though. We've been planning that for a while, so we can contact other hoods and anyone who immigrates from another hood can stay in touch with their friends and family. And let's not forget the possibility of online shopping!

VT: Sounds good! Just don't turn into "SimNation Contemporary Ville".
Li: Any Sims who insist on hanging cleansing herbs in a cyber cafe to drive away the electricity demons will never be modern SimNation.
Seeri: Seriously. Electricity. That stuff puts the "demon" in "Dimanaya".

I've never interviewed any of my Sims before. That was fun!

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