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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tick Tock Tick... again

OK. Seven years (nearly), five generations and many, many rebuilding projects do not make it easy to abandon a hood permanently. Neither does the fact that even though I've hardly played it for most of that time, I've developed a habit of yelling "Sena Yuleng!" when I'm frustrated.

So - once I finish my latest building project - I think I'll go back to attempting to play KS and keeping this blog updated, as well as posting about my other projects on my simblr.

I'm just going to do what I said I wouldn't do after my TS3 experiment and jump ahead 20 years. KS is getting a little crowded for such a small island, so a group of 18 Sims will be leaving the village to found a new one somewhere else. Preferably somewhere with more space and plenty of sunshine. :) I want to try a few new things with the game and include some features of the alien race that the Nuidya are descended from, since I've decided that some of the alien traits will start to re-emerge in the newer generations. Because why not?

Over the next few days I'll be working on setting up the new hood, and there's going to be a post introducing the group as soon as I can get pictures and type it all up. Some of these Sims haven't been featured in my blog yet - in fact, some were babies when I left off and at least five weren't born at that point - and I've jumped through time so much with this lot already, so anyone who's reading this probably needs an introduction anyway.

For now, here's the list of who's coming along (more detailed bios to come later):

S'Ahmisa zan-Ace, one of the two who went off touring the big city. Larkspur, the other one, decided to stay in SimNation with her family, to the utter confusion of everyone who remembers that she was the one who said it was a Bad Idea in the first place. With her are her son Asken and his girlfriend Tia (whose idea it was to have a group branch off in the first place), plantbaby Zade, and Zita, a clone of S'Ahmisa who I forgot to mention in the post about their visit to Bridgeport. S'Ahmisa's alien half-brother Zareb is also coming. Sena Yuleng, that's a lot of Z's for one household.

Turi and Anyu zan-Avira, twins born to the tribal leader Seeri and her husband Wolfie during an early diplomatic visit *coughexperiment* to TS3-era Sunset Valley. (Wolfie had actually broken off an engagement to Seeri not long before, claiming he didn't want to be tied down... then Sunset Valley local Iqbal Alvi took an interest in Seeri, and Wolfie changed his tune insanely fast. Then there were twins.) Turi is heir to that zan-Avira thing where the eldest twin daughter always has twins herself. I don't know either of them that well, since they were a year lod when I last played them.

Li Yoo and Serendipity Herendez, originally from Apple Valley, are both coming to the new hood. Ironically, I feel like I know them better than most of my own Sims. Li's daughter Kim, now 24, is tagging along, as is Serendipity's boyfriend Hestrie zan-Avira. Hestrie and Serendipity are now in their late thirties and have two kids, who I haven't named yet.

Casey zan-Ellen, who will be in his sixties in the new hood, and who I don't think I introduced in the blog yet. Why exactly has he left his children in KS to help build a new settlement? Well, Nuidya have always revered elders, so there need to actually be, y'know, elders where they're going. Oh yes, and he became Li's friend on her first day in KS, so maybe he likes her. We shall see.

Daniel zan-Avira, who was injured by a falling satellite as a teenager and was (just about) saved from death. He became an apprentice to Kulo Seeri's resident magic-user Jill Taylor zan-Ace as a result. I imagine Jill passed away not long before the start of the new chapter, which might be his reason for leaving - they were *ahem* very close, after all. He still can't handle too much physical activity, but darned if he can't conjure the best spaghetti this side of SimNation.

Finally, Markal Go and Lilac zan-Avei, who were both very newborn babies when I left off, so I can't tell you much about these two.

Well, that's all I got for tonight, so since it's past midnight here, I'm off to make like S'Ahmisa's household and catch a lot of Z's.


  1. Excited to see what you have in store!

  2. Thanks, I'll try to have it up and running as soon as possible.