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Thursday, April 03, 2014

So this might be goodbye.

OK, guys, I know I said I was nearly done with KS. I am nearly done. But the thing is... I don't know if I will actually be blogging about them. Or any of my Sims, for that matter.

The sad truth is I don't actually like blogging. I do it for all the wrong reasons - I don't blog for fun, but out of a desire to have the entire Simming community bowing down to my supreme awesomeness. I hate taking pictures. I take days to compose short posts. I feel like I can't play the game my way if I'm posting about it, because I want to incorporate extremely non-modern ways of doing things without starting flame wars.

I quit.

Well, maybe. I'm not sure what to do. I don't mean I'm hanging up my game disks, I just don't know if carrying on with the blog is worth it. I need advice. I need time to think.

(If I do decide to keep posting, by the way, the next post will be April 16th - the seventh anniversary of the hood's creation. I might do a special post, but I don't know whether to bother preparing one right now.)


  1. I understand, I would suggest stop especially if you don't enjoy it

  2. I don't know if you have a Tumblr, but if you don't like blogging you might prefer posting random pictures to Tumblr... a lot of people just play, take pictures if anything interesting happens, and post the pictures with just a sentence or two, if that. Just thought this might suit you more, if you don't like blogging but still want to share something of your hood.

  3. I would agree with tumblr, you don't have to post many words, can just post photos, whenever you want, and there is no pressure to compose something.