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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Beginnings, 133

Lluza, winter, 133

Arafa and Markal's wedding was approaching fast. The first one to be held in Lluza, and to be honest Arafa wasn't quite sure she was ready for Markal's kids being around all the time as well as her own.

Thankfully, Kelam was a relatively quiet baby, not as demanding as his older sister Sasha

who was much more of a handful now that she was starting to take her first wobbly toddler steps

and was still a little too young to realise that sacred cats are not for grabbing by the tail.

Markal had been coming round a lot to discuss the wedding preparations,

but still having trouble with his relationship with Zade. She always seemed to be coincidentally walking by and looking for any excuse to pick a fight.

In retrospect, maybe the couple shouldn't have joined the same leaving party as Markal's former wife.

Aralata knew he was in for a very crowded house once his father remarried, so he'd been spending a lot of time helping Asken and Tia with the quins as a way of getting himself used to it. Of course, that also meant a lot of time spent listening to Briar ramble on about SimNation and land-ships and something called soap.

He didn't mind talking to her about her travels that much, though he waas worried about the amount of time they were spending together. She was eleven now, would likely become a woman in a couple of years' time, and tried to get Aralata's attention whenever possible.

The jokes about their future really had to stay in joke territory, since everyone knew it was strictly forbidden to marry within your own clan.


Natabu was expecting again, and with two-year-old twins in the house, it was not an easy time. The thought of having three children under three years old, when she was barely twenty, was a bit much.

Bringing back an eighty-year-old from that trip to Isla Paradiso two years ago was starting to seem like it was a crazy decision. Lincoln was constantly tired, she was constantly frustrated and it was impossible to keep an eye on the twins.

Gareth, the older twin, was the worst. Turn your back for a minute and he would be eating the leftovers set down for the cats

or grabbing pots and spoons to see how loud a noise he could make with them.

But they were trying to stay focused on what was most important - their relationship and their family

and the upcoming new addition to it.

VT says: This is how much I love Sims - I needed a break from my break. :P


  1. Great update. Arafa will be a beautiful bride and it will be fun to see the local wedding customs in action.

    I wonder what will happen with Briar and Aralata, are they going to end up defying the taboo?

    1. Probably not, given that they are still very young and also I goofed and forgot that they aren't in the same clan after all... but we shall see what happens with those two :)

      I'm looking forward to the wedding - I agree that Arafa will be as beautiful as one can look under a layer of white face paint :P