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Monday, November 23, 2015

Memorial, 135

We interrupt this irregularly scheduled blog for a special announcement from Kulo Seeri.

Former city planner and respected elder Li Yoo passed away in her sleep last night, aged 75.

She was known during her life in Kulo Seeri for her skill in organising rebuilding efforts, of which there have been many in the 37 years since she moved here, and was arguably the leader of the elder council. She also acted as a mentor to Tia zan-Ace, who she saw as a younger version of herself, after Tia and her family arrived from Bridgeport.

Li is thought to have died from the same illness that took the lives of her daughter Kim, son-in-law Zareb, eldest granddaughter Zakash and close family friend Anyu zan-Avira last month. She leaves her other grandchildren, twins Anan and Prisa and triplets Cassia, Nenash and Para, in the care of foster parents Oriole Bird and Harni zan-Avira. 

A small memorial has been set up just outside the village to honour the Sims who died in the disease outbreak. In addition, the remaining members of Kulo Seeri's council of elders have given Li's surviving grandchildren the clan name of zan-Li (zan- meaning "descendant of") in recognition of their grandmother's life and achievements.

Kulo Seeri and VT will miss her a lot.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll miss Li a lot - thanks for letting her come live in my game!

  2. Rest in peace, Li Yoo. It is really a great way to commemorate her life and honor her accomplishments, to give her grandchildren the name zan-Li.

    1. That's exactly what I thought, it's a great way of keeping her memory alive :)

  3. Sad to see Li Yoo has passed, she was very pretty even in her elder years. I really like that memorial for her and zan-Li for her clan. That is such a great honor.