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Monday, February 20, 2017

Return to Kulo Seeri

Hi all! Unfortunately my depression has been biting really badly lately, and I've taken myself away from the simming community for a while so I had time to recover. But now I'm back, feeling better, and about to start yet another new iteration of KS (old one got corrupted, and depression + aversion to building = a long, hoodless month.)

And I have a few things I'd like to say:
First order of business now I'm easing myself back into blogging has got to be giving a big fuzzy Thank You to Shannon for nominating me for the Unique Blogger Award! Late or not, I'm happy to accept and as always making little squee noises :)

Second, I am making progress with the new Kulo Seeri, and although it's slow going I hope to be back to blogging in time for its tenth anniversary(!) on April 16th. I still have all the pictures from the bachelorette challenge and I'll be writing the posts for that as I build/landscape/remodel lots.

Finally, time for a new spin-off of KS! My plan to do a legacy with outcast Zadie Rakal may or may not still go ahead, but I'm also setting up an uberhood for the purpose of fulfilling one of my first ROS for the new rebuild.

What was that? Well...

Fifteen-season-old Tania Ursine, daughter of the late Claire Ursine of "unleashed the zombies" fame, has a few problems in Kulo Seeri. She's been the apprentice to Serendipity, the village herbalist, for two years, but she still has to deal with the fact that her mother caused a lot of death (and undeath) through a reckless wish. She has to raise her half-sister Renee practically single-handedly, since Renee's father went and took himself off to SimNation and his two older sons haven't got a responsible bone in their bodies. And although she is on good terms with Otolo zan-Ave, she's not sure she wants to accept his offer of marriage - especially not when she knows his last intended, Briar, also bolted for SimNation to avoid it.

So what has she done? Well, pretty much the same thing Briar did - she's applied to an international school. (That was the ROS by the way - I rolled "study abroad" and it makes a lot of sense for her.) She was born with the virtuoso trait in TS3, so I decided she's won a music scholarship to a boarding school in Belladonna Cove.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now. It's getting late over here... but it is good to be back!

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