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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Kora Pact: Introduction

New Kulo Seeri is coming along nicely - I'm playing the first rotation as I move each family in, so the second rotation is where you'll start getting updates. I also still have a couple of posts from the last version to publish.

However! I have also just set up for a TS3 challenge I'm really excited about trying! This will be my go-to thing to play while I finish building. Although I'm not usually one for death or baby challenges, this one caught my eye and I just had to give it a shot (and take the number of houses to create in TS2 KS down by one) - read on for the intro!

Not too long ago, Tania zan-Harash (young apprentice herbalist) and Otolo zan-Ave (her much older husband, a retired hunter) were happily married with their little son Kaptumo (nearly four moons old) and awaiting the birth of their second child. Unfortunately, the baby didn't survive her premature birth... and neither did Tania. (This misfortune was blamed on the family's foster daughter, Aranta, unnaturally born offspring of Otolo's nephew Ganyalis... but that has nothing to do with the challenge.)

Now here's where I had to put my retcon hat on for a few minutes. When Tania died, I actually just kept playing, but for the sake of the story from now on: In one last act of selfless loving-dad-who-never-thought-he'd-have-a-family-ness, Otolo cried out to the ancestors and begged them to take him instead. And his prayer was answered - a kora, one of the spirits of death known up north as reapers, appeared and restored Tania's life at the cost of her husband's. Of course, with raising the dead being a major taboo in Kulo Seeri, Tania was asked to leave the village. She decided to take Kaptumo and move to Midnight Hollow in SimNation, where she was somewhat sure being resurrected wouldn't be a big deal. Kaptumo sadly didn't survive the trip, so Tania appealed to the kora herself, asking it to revive her son. She knew she couldn't offer her own life for Kaptumo's, as that would leave him with no parents. So the kora gave her another way to earn Kaptumo's life back.

And here we are.

Tania is more than a little apprehensive about the deal she made with the kora. In exchange for Kaptumo's return as a ghost, she must now raise at least 26 children to maturity. Each one, after graduating high school, will have to survive eating 13 magic jelly beans in order to count towards the 26 needed to fully return Kaptumo to life. Any man who fathers any of these children will have to eat three jelly beans every night. But there's no turning back now...

Kaptumo zan-Harash isn't quite sure what he thinks of all this. He's only four moons old, after all, and hey, at least he can walk through walls and go "wooooo!" He doesn't quite get what's going on with the kora and the jelly beans yet.

Also, there are two cats. This is Maddie, a sacred Min Ra cat from Kulo Seeri...

...and Blink, son of Tania's first cat from Sunset Valley, who I caught in the middle of a very appropriate pose.

And now I'm off to actually start playing it. :)

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  1. Wow, this looks like a tough challenge and very interesting. I never even knew about the jelly bean bush till I read through the creator's rules you linked. Are you enjoying playing in Sims 3? You did a lot of simming in November - January and I didn't realize how much I'd missed!