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Sunday, April 01, 2018

The Awesome Anon Tag

I was tagged by the amazing delicatesoul88! Thanks so much <3

It took me the best part of a week to answer the questions, but I got there! My answers are right under the cut:

How did you come up with such unique & fascinating characters?
To be honest, my Sims mostly come up with themselves... I hope that makes sense. Although a few are from other Simmers' games and some are EAxis premades, most of my Sims were born and grew up in my game. I try to pay attention to their wants and fears, their interactions with each other and what they do on free will. That's how I know who my Sims are and how they think. (And, to be honest, being on the autistic spectrum, I think I understand Sims better than I do humans.)

When you started writing your story, what did you take into consideration?
This is a tricky question, because I can't remember what I had for breakfast most days, let alone what I was thinking when I started the crappy legacy that would become Kulo Seeri in 2007. I think it was something to do with wanting to do one of those legacy stories I kept seeing, only with a different visual gimmick (my founder Sena was a flower-haired lizard) because I was fifteen years old and "gimmick" was what I did best then.
Seriously though, there was an element of "I want to create a different world to explore" even then. I was going through hell at school and my Sims were an escape from that. Sometimes I think Sena Yuleng and her assorted descendants were all that pulled me through those dark times. That and having a massive crush on a cartoon character... don't ask, I'm still not telling. ;)

How did you shape each character’s background/family?

As with the "how I come up with my characters" answer, my Sims' backgrounds have been developing over eleven years and nearly eight in-game generations. Sometimes it gets weird if, say, I'm watching one of my Sims get married and thinking back to what I remember of their great-great-great-grandparents' wedding, but that also helps me when I'm stuck on what direction to take a particular household in next.

Do you plan everything before starting, or are you more spontaneous?

I used to be a micromanager. A really terrible micromanager. I wrapped everyone in cotton wool and didn't let them do anything I didn't tell them to. (It's a testament to Kulo Seeri's staying power that I didn't completely stifle it to death in that stage.) Now I've shed most of those habits, and I can be more spontaneous when I'm playing, although I still frequently fall into the trap of "I need a plan before I can play". However, I can now let Sims do silly things on free will, and roll ROS every other rotation, and even let them die if it would enhance the story.

Does reality inspire you, or do you rely more on your imagination?

As an escapist, I always rely on my imagination. Recreating our own world is OK for some Simmers, but I'm not one of them... I just prefer worldbuilding, as I have done since before I knew what worldbuilding was. My mum still has maps and stories from the magical land of Pretticlowde that I created when I was about five. :)

When did you KNOW you were going to make this story?

The story as it started out? When I read my first legacy and discovered the wonderful world of custom content. As it is now, going into a new phase? A few days ago, when I decided there was no way in this or any other world that I was going to recreate over eighty Sims and their homes and hunting grounds in one fell swoop.
Since I haven't mentioned the new phase yet: I'm only taking 24 Sims into the next version of Kulo Seeri. They've moved to a new territory as the population has grown too big to stay in one village. Also, it's ten moons (year equivalents) after I last posted about KS.

What has shaped your story into being the way it is?

Mostly in-game events and rolling dice dice dice. (I like dice.) Sometimes a new piece of CC will take things in a new direction too, such as when Sun&Moon released their hunting and foraging sets. It's easily the most well-developed project I've ever worked on, both in Simming and worldbuilding terms, and I'm always looking forward to seeing how it develops... you know, when I can actually play instead of boring setup stuff.

And... that's all I can think of. Thanks again for the tag, delicatesoul88! I don't really like singling out other bloggers (and my fear of the unknown means I don't read very many stories) so I won't tag anyone else, but thanks for making my day :)

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  1. I identified with you about wrapping sims in cotton wool, and although I've also branched out a lot I am still pretty protective of my sims. You have such great world-building ideas, it is cool to see what you are able to do with various CC and your imagination and passion for cultural history.