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Sunday, September 11, 2011

28: First Day Away, Part 2

28 A.G.S. Monday, Spring 1
Girls' Camp, Kulo Kor: S'Ahmisa zan-Ace (15), Larkspur zan-Avei (15), Uchenna zan-Avira (13), Elle zan-Ace (12), Clarisse zan-Avei (12)

"I'd love to know who came up with this brainwave," Clarisse grumbled. "Why can't we just have a party or something when we come of age? I could handle a party. A whole season in the wilderness, on the other hand..."

" supposed to build character and create strong bonds between the young adults of the tribe." Uchenna zan-Avira completed the sentence, though not in the way Clarisse had intended.

"Anyway," she went on, "if you don't want to stay and become an adult with the rest of us, Your Highness, then you can just pack up right now and go back to SimNation."

"Shut up!" Clarisse shouted, sticking her fingers in her ears. True, she wasn't technically Nuidya, having come to the tribe from foster care in SimCity. Maybe she wasn't quite cut out for the Nuidya life. Why did she have to live with the constant reminders?


At the other end of the campsite, the two oldest girls sat on the grass, talking about the next four days, what they would do when they returned - and, strangely enough, about SimNation and the rest of the world outside Kulo Seeri.

It was a subject that S'Ahmisa zan-Ace had been thinking about a lot recently. She had always known that she was named after a resident of Apple Valley, who had been a friend of her father and visited one of the old villages when she was a baby. What she didn't know was what things were like out there, and now, approaching adulthood, she wanted to find out.

"Maybe I could travel to another hood one day," she said to her best friend Larkspur. "I think it would be different travelling because you want to go somewhere new, not just because you have to."

Larkspur rolled her eyes. No Nuidya could survive in the city, everyone knew that. It was crazy to even think about it. Still, she wasn't going to crush her friend's ambitions.

"I guess so. I mean, Sims have come here from SimNation before, so... maybe it would be OK for one of us to go there." she replied after a moment's hesitation. And maybe the moons will land in the village centre and tap dance for us, too, she thought. A Nuidya in SimNation is like a fish in the desert.


Kulo Kor is not a desert, and there is no shortage of fish in its waters. Both boys and girls had been given fishing equipment before leaving Kulo Seeri, and with the day moving along, Elle zan-Ace was taking the opportunity to learn to use it before what little food they had brought ran out.

"Need any help over there?" Uchenna picked up one of the spare poles and joined Elle at the side of the pond. "We could use some more supplies, and I could use some intelligent company. That Clarisse - I'm so glad our family didn't get stuck with her!"

Elle just managed to suppress a snort. Like Clarisse, Elle was one of the six children the tribe had taken in seven years ago. The two had known each other from preschool before being adopted, and Elle would be the first to admit that her friend's demanding ways drove everybody crazy. But...

"There's a good heart beneath the diva exterior, you know. It's just hard to notice it when she's flouncing about in that ridiculous dress, looking for a show to steal."

Uchenna quickly learned not to try recasting while laughing at sarcastic remarks.


Meanwhile, the subject of the conversation was lounging on her bed inside the larger of the two cabins. Her daydreams were starting to give way to thoughts of her parents, who would have moved into the Elders' Lodge now that both their daughters were away.

Dad should be telling me to get up and help with the chores right now.
Mum should be doing that irritating mock bow when I walk in. I kinda miss that.
Never thought I'd miss them this much. Are they missing me, or are they just relieved that I'm out of the house?
I wonder if there are bears on this island? They wouldn't let us go if there were... would they?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of four other teenage girls outside the cabin door, yelling something about cooking fish.

Ick. I hope they're saying they've done it so I don't have to.
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  1. Neat idea having the teens go to camp for a coming of age ceremony.

    I saw the link to your blog on the Apple Valley blog and I remember some of your sims from the SUN boards. My sim Jessica chatted with your Rommy for awhile. I think you responded to my post about needing a boarding school teacher too. Hope is still the teacher in my hood.

    I'm looking forward to reading about your sims' adventures.

  2. Hi Em, I remember you too - I've been keeping up to date with your blog, but for some reason my account won't let me comment on it. :/

    Hope was always something of a misfit among the Nuidya, since she grew up in another hood. I'm sure she's much better off in New Eden. She's still the only Sim to have left the hood so far.

    Thanks for commenting, good to hear from you again.

    - VT

  3. Wow, would they literally not survive in another hood? Love the camp idea, not sure if I told you before.

  4. AV: OK, maybe Larkspur's being a little extreme there. It's true that Nuidya aren't city slickers, they prefer a more natural lifestyle. But they wouldn't actually die if they were taken out of their natural environment :)

    By the way, if you think Larkspur's going a little far, you should have seen them when The Arzep was chief of the tribe. Paranoia didn't even begin to cover it.

    - VT