This Sims 2 blog follows the lives of the Nuidya tribespeople of the northern mountains, as they try to survive, thrive and figure out what exactly it means to be a lizardsim. Along the way, there'll be drama, romance, utter silliness and lots of cats. Just watch out for those storm demons - they're sneaky. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog...

This is an emergency broadcast from VT. Regular Simmy updates will be resumed as soon as I resolve my aging issue.

VT here, with three announcements to make. The first is this: my post about Li Yoo's visit to Kulo Seeri will be up (hopefully) tomorrow. It's just taken me a while to play through the visit, sort out a reasonable amount of pictures and explain what's happened. I'm having to write it in short bursts due to lack of blogging time and general short attention spa... ooh, shiny!

Second announcement: while I try to write (mostly) serious stuff about my Simmies, I've found that it does tend to degenerate into random silliness about halfway through. I would like to blame my silly daft Sims, but this is my fault as much as theirs. (please see "shiny" jokelet above for an example of what I mean) BUT I happen to have invested four and a half years of my time in this hood, and I don't want to end up with a blog riddled with the goofy gags I tend to default towards.
What I did want to do when I started writing this was to focus on the more dramatic side of things (with certain light relief moments of course) and to showcase as many of the unique cultural aspects of Nuidya tribal life as possible. I'm sort of thinking along the lines of The Tribe, an old favourite show of mine.
So from now on, once I get my Li post up and resolve the issue in Announcement #3, I am going to try to do just that. Moving along...

Third announcement: It is starting to annoy me that all the events of each rotation take place on the same day. It's even more annoying when there are birthdays involved early on, so I could show Sim A becoming a teen at 6pm and then, when I'm posting Sim B's update, Sim A is walking around as a teen at 12 noon and it's the same day. Not to mention the season thing, where Sims age five years before the season is out...
Since the Nuidya have no access to a time machine, I have an issue I need to resolve, and I need the help of my readers... all one of them. :) I've considered using a month system like Apple Valley's, or something similar, but I just can't think of a good way of handling it. I need suggestions! I need advice! Pretty please?

This was an emergency broadcast from VT. Feel free to either comment or completely ignore it.


  1. I'd go with the month system, you could make up your own version of events/timeline to explain the age differences.

  2. There's nothing wrong with some random silliness. That can be just as much fun and entertaining to read as serious stuff . . . sometimes even more so. I'm sure whatever way you end up doing it will be fine.

    I've gone to a month-like system kind of like Apple Valley's, but instead of specific months, I go by seasons. I kind of pretend like the events in the first households in my rotation occured at the beginning of the year in the spring, the next group happened in the months after that in the summer, and so on. You kind of have to think of each household as a snapshot in time rather than following them every moment of the entire year.

    I have a hack that makes my seasons 3 days long instead of 5. It helps me with aging and gives more an easier time period for me to play in one sitting. It kind of keeps my houses from getting much snow in the winter though. :( I wasn't crazy about them aging even 3 years at a time, so I've started turning aging off during the rotation, except for one day each season, that way they only age one year per rotation. It does take a long time for them to grow up though.

    There's no one way to do it, obviously, but I hope that will help give you some ideas. It does take some time and experimentation to find something that works for you.

  3. Oh, there will be random silliness. Just mixed with some drama and less-randomly-silly aspects. :) I am setting up my work-in-progress Kulo Seeri ROS to include elements of both.

    Thanks for the feedback, both of you - you have definitely given me something to think about. Once it's daytime over here (can't sleep!) I will try some experimenting. Right now I'm way too tired to do anything that requires too much thought.

    Thanks again for the comments. I'll make a note of them, then it's sleepy time for VT. Zzzzzz.

    - a very tired VT who is still awake at one o'clock in the morning.

    (PS: Em, if we get snow in my part of the world this winter, you're welcome to it. I'm still sick of it from the great winter of '09, and the following great winter of '10 didn't help either.)

  4. I meant virtual snow. ;) I'm sure we'll get plenty of it here as we usually do. I just hope we don't get all the ice that we did last year again. I guess since I have to live with snow in the winter I think my simmies should too. lol

  5. I know you did. I was just wondering if your Simmies wanted to borrow any of ours. :)