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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seriously Worried, Longday 29

Midquarter, Longday 11th 29 A.G.S.
Claire zan-Avira (54), Joe zan-Avira (52), Daniel zan-Avira (12)

Daniel's Journal
Keep Out
This Means You Alexa

...but Alexa's not here any more, is she? Not that I mind about that. She just sees "Keep Out" as an invitation to snoop. I pity all the other single girls in the Women's Lodge. Bet they get no privacy at all.

I should be in the Men's Lodge now myself. Me and Armando... but he's not here any more either. It's been about a year and a half since we lost him, and I still feel like it was this morning. It's still hard to believe it happened at all. He was always the life of the party, with a wisecrack for every occasion and a barrel full of tall tales about his life in SimCity, before we adopted him.

I still want to know what a "TV" is. He never finished telling me.

We still have his book collection - I sort of inherited them. I've been reading through them all - most of it's about spaceships and aliens and machines that do all sorts of incredible things. I'd love to have stuff like that. I know most of the tribe prefers not to rely on technology for everything, but if you ask me, a laser cannon would be way more useful than our slings and spears if that new dimension invasion everyone's been babbling on about since the time of the dinosaurs ever actually happens.

I think I'd like to work with machines myself. I've talked to Dad about finding me a mentor that knows about that sort of thing, now they've changed the coming of age rites so I need one. He just thinks I'm crazy, though.

Ha. I'm crazy? That's like the ocean calling a raindrop wet. What does he call cuddling an old sack, then?

He's been like that ever since Armando died, and I think he's getting worse. Talking to the flour sacks is definitely a new one. Mum and I are really starting to worry about him.

At least he retained enough of his sanity to remember her birthday was today. She's officially one of our elders now, so she's retired from the fields - and guess who gets to take over the bulk of the farm work? Anyway, Dad got her some sort of thing full of flowers that you make, er, bunches of flowers with. It would have been much easier to just get one bunch of flowers, but hey, he talks to flour now.

It's given me an idea - but I'll have to make sure I don't tell anyone. (Score one for Alexa not being here! If she was, it'd be all over the village by tomorrow noon.) I am going to try building one of those things myself. Not for flowers, mind. I'm going to get myself some gadget parts - don't ask me how - and learn how to make super-machine-things like the ones in those space books. Oh, they'll all call me crazy, but when the tayzi do invade and I save everyone with my giant fighting robot, we'll see who's crazy then!

Question: How do I hide a giant fighting robot while I wait for us to need one?


VT says: I'm experimenting with a new style, trying to figure out what works best for me and also to get inside my Sims' heads a little more. I think I might have a mix of first- and third-person perspectives in the updates.
I'm not sure where Daniel gets his interest in technology from. It's certainly not Nuidya, but I do plan to run with it and see what happens.
Tayzi, by the way, means "Sim from the new dimension" in Maltiazi, my Universal Sim Language. The Nuidya have never trusted the new dimension - to this day, the number 3 is very unlucky over there.

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