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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Something on the Side

Well, I'm about to embark on Operation Rebuild Kulo Seeri Again. While I go trawl through the Dragon's Hoard and its now 55.2 GB of downloaded stuff for anything that might look good in the new KS, why don't you take a look at a few candid snapshots from rotation 31 in my side hood?

I've really been having fun with it. It's pretty much a mashup of all sorts of things - modern clothes, buildings and technology (the number of rotations it took me to remember my simmies could have a TV in this hood...!) with some (mostly inverted) medieval influences and a couple of the tribal aspects of Kulo Seeri thrown in, plenty of supernaturals running around and not a single human skintone in sight.

To get back into the habit of taking pics for the blog, I spent rotation 31 doing just that - without further waffling, here's my top 11:

I started with nine single women and nine single men, who all eventually paired off and had kids. They're sort of the "noble class" of the hood now that more families are moving in. This is one of the male founders and his eldest daughter - the seventh kid (and the first girl) born in the new hood. Since only females inherit in their culture, her birth was a very big deal.
Both parents in this family are werewolves, and they're very fond of nature and living off the land. (Again, show me a hunting mod and I will jump through the ceiling.) They have two other kids, including a second daughter, which does annoy some of the other founders who haven't got heirs yet.

Last rotation, I introduced five new families to shake things up - mostly singles, although I did add one couple with twin girls to balance things out a bit. The blue dude here is one of the single guys. He's very grouchy and I expected him to be the bad-boy type, especially since he tried to kiss a married founder after knowing her fifteen minutes, but he burst into tears when she turned him down, then tried to impress her by talking about dresses and shoes.
That's her on the sofa, by the way. She and her husband have FIVE kids,which I wasn't expecting... her third pregnancy was really difficult and she almost miscarried more than once. Right at the end, just as I was thinking she'd give birth any minute, she announced that she had miscarried... then gave birth anyway. To triplets. It's crazy in that house, let me tell you. :)

I've never played much with plantsims, so I added three of them in one of my new households. They have a "human" roommate, so I don't get bored of the whole only-three-needs thing plantsims have. One of the plantsims is working in the journalism field for now, but their plan is to get a farm going and live off what they grow and craft. Their roommate, although she's already fallen for one of the plantsims, has other plans... mostly involving becoming a world famous dancer and throwing extravagant parties every night.
The plantsim in the back, by the way, isn't satisfied with "just" being a plantsim. He wants to be a vampire werewolf plantsim (and maybe a ninja pirate superhero rock star too?) I'm tempted to try playing a vampire/plantsim hybrid, so he might be getting that transformation at the very least.

Until the non-plantsim in that household does make it to the top, she'll have to settle for movie night with the other new girls on the block. One of her new friends has similar dreams to hers... only without the having to work her way to fame and fortune, let's just get to the partying... and she's already attempted to host a couple of get-togethers for the newcomers. Of course, this rotation, one of the neighbours was pregnant and threw up early on, then went into aspiration failure. Which does not make a successful party atmosphere. :P

Back to the founding households... this is the first of my Sims to become a werewolf. In the early rotations, she started a cooking fire in her starter home, put it out and then started another one. The fire brigade arrived to save the mac and cheese while she waited outside. It was late at night, the leader wolf wandered onto the lot, bit her and ran off. Well, it was an interesting night.
I had no idea it was so hard trying to keep a pregnant werewolf happy until I played her. She lost her first baby, but made it through the second time to give birth to a little boy who, I have to admit, does get a little spoiled. I hope he gets a younger sibling soon - preferably a sister - so he at least learns to share before starting school, otherwise there could be trouble.

We've entered Mini Toddler Picspam Territory now. This pair is the husband and son of the Grand High Still-Need-to-Pick-a-Title, the overall leader of the hood. (She was elected to the position, but I think it will probably pass to her daughters one day... if she has daughters, that is.) Again, they only have one child right now, but both his parents adore him. Especially his daddy, who does the bulk of the childcare while Mummy holds court.
Whenever he has any free time, he builds robots. So does one of the other men, and they have a semi-serious rivalry over who can reach the next badge level fastest. Once those two gain the skills to build Servos, you can bet your plumbob there's going to be a robot fight.

Final toddler pic! This little girl will probably grow up half feral - both her parents are vampires, so she pretty much gets left to her own devices while Mummy and Daddy catch some Z's in their coffins. The parents do their best to take care of her, but there's only so much they can do when the sun is up...

...and I think they'd rather go dancing anyway. This pair were a non-exclusive couple who enjoyed partying all night and woohooing all the downtownies, before they found out they were going to become parents. They're still not all that responsible now, I have to say.

An overview of the kids' rooms in another founding household. For once in my life I actually enjoyed decorating, and playing with the Family Fun stuff pack themes (undersea for the older boy and pink castle for his toddler sister). I like getting to use different styles, I wouldn't have looked twice at most of this in Kulo Seeri and I think when I do get back to KS, it will seem fresher.

I have to say, the mother of the kids those rooms belong to... probably isn't very bright. This is what happens when you try to stroke the cute little skunky. If you could have seen the looks her son and his school friend gave her when she ran through the living room to the shower... Oh well, at least it's one more Simmy experience ticked off my Hula List.
(The Hula List, by the way, is a big long list of things that I want to do or see in TS2 before I go hula dancing with the reaper. :P Seven years now and I still haven't played through a full Sim lifetime!)

The last pic: this guy, thanks to a mod by BoilingOil that makes alien abduction produce many more effects than just male pregnancy, returned from a ride in a spaceship with magical powers. At first his wife was more than a little spooked, but she has come around now - with another kid on the way, she does need the occasional mood boost spell. :)
He works in the culinary field, which is his LTW career, but he's still low level right now - both in his career and his magic skill. I'm sure he wishes he had access to a "dishes wash themselves" spell.

So that's what I've been up to during this long break from KS... enjoying playing in a new way, which I think will help me get over the whole "rebuild KS again!" thing a little faster. I'm working on that, promise.


  1. Thanks for sharing pics of the side hood, it seems like you are really enjoying playing without many restrictions on the hood and all the families are so creative

  2. ohh I like the extra side effects of the abduction. You are flying through with this side hood, any chance you'll keep it to be a main one?