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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sick Of This Hiatus Now

And that's not the only thing I'm sick of. Once again I say a big fuzzy sorry to my readers.

So my side hood suddenly got a glitch where everyone started wanting to make friends with their pets... as in wants showing the Sim friend icon, rather than the pet friend icon, that stayed unfulfilled after befriending the pet. Now I'm juggling two hood rebuilds! (Although I have discovered that the side hood got promoted to main hood while I wasn't looking, because I've decided that rebuilding it is taking priority over rebuilding KS.)

Also, I've been ill for the past month or so, at first a particularly bad cold that kept me resting and off Sims for a lot of the time, but now it's a throat infection virus-y thingy that hurts like mad. This isn't cutting into my Simming time like the cold did, but it does mean taking The World's Ickiest Antibiotics four times a day, until next week. *pouty face* And it's left me with a bit of catching up to do.

But I'm getting back on track, again, and I'm thinking of converting my old abandoned side blog to focus on my no-longer-secondary hood once that's up and running again. By that time I should have made more progress with Kulo Seeri as well. I'm looking forward to returning to playing and blogging about both hoods and for those of you who've stuck with this through my seemingly unending hiatus, I really appreciate your patience. :)

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