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Friday, October 31, 2014

Ancestors' Day, 128

I finally got KS back to a playable state yesterday! Since there hasn't been much time for stories to develop yet, here are some pictures of the Nuidya equivalent of Halloween, the Ancestors' Day festival.

Hestrie zan-Avira, now one of the elders, is leading the celebrations this year. The costume he's wearing represents death and the spirit world. The festival kicks off with him lighting the fire pit in the centre of the village...

...and then various revellers dancing round it with flaming torches. Hestrie's (now ex-)wife Serendipity doesn't seem to want to dance with him at the moment though.

A couple more snaps of the torch dance, because it's hilarious to watch. :)

Once the fire burns out, everyone heads over to the gathering area around the fallen logs, telling stories of ghosts and demons

or discussing preparations for the upcoming winter

or causing trouble of some sort. I wouldn't mind, but nobody's been near the jugs of nectar yet in this KS.

When night falls, the rest of the bonfires are lit, and a ceremony honouring the ancestors is held...

...but then it starts to rain heavily, putting the dampers on the festivities for the night. Have the tribe done something to earn the ancestors' disapproval?

VT says: By Sena, it's good to be back. :) I had fun taking these pictures and I hope there will be many more story posts from Kulo Seeri in the months to come.

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