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Monday, October 27, 2014

And we're back!

August 27th: Depressed VT is depressed. *goes on hiatus*

Two months and many disgusting tablets later: Hey everyone! I come bearing rambly announcements!

It's been a tough couple of months, but I'm pleased to announce that I'm back.

On the personal side of things: Antidepressants help. They taste foul, but they help. I'm feeling much more upbeat and motivated to Do Stuff. And to everyone who commented on my last post, thanks for your support and understanding. *hugs*

On the Simmy side: Kulo Seeri is coming back online soon. I'm rebuilding and I plan to be playing and blogging again by the end of the week. Hopefully I will be updating regularly this time - even building, my least favourite part of setup, feels less like "icky work" and more easy to get through, so I'm sure blogging will become one of the fun bits now.

I have made another time jump though: it is now Autumn of year 128. The reason? A few months ago I did another one of those things where I sent a Nuidya Sim to run round TS3 for a while. The Council of Elders sent Shansam Herendez to university in TS3-era SimNation, to learn stuff that would benefit the tribe and help establish trade (and hopefully come back with a partner who wasn't a member of the council, and give Serendipity and Hestrie some grandchildren). Long story short: he left to seek fame, glory and sorority girls, and came back with a newfound sense of responsibility, two close premade friends who he invited back, four kids - three sons of his own and the daughter of one of his friends - and a boyfriend.

I'm also trying out a new way of dealing with aging and seasons in the blog. Basically: I'm using an aging mod by Almighty Hat that makes four Sim days equal roughly one year of life, a season mod by Duyska at Plumb Bob Keep that makes one season also equal four days, and one-day rotations.
The KS calendar has 8 months, 2 for each season. So, each rotation represents a period of about two weeks in Kulo Seeri (one quarter of a season). Four rotations = one season. Each season will sort of be equivalent to one series of a TV show.
The catch: the next "series" won't start until the next Sim year. So, it starts in Autumn 128, but the next winter will be Winter 129. This is to avoid having everyone aging four years in what's only supposed to be one seasonal year, and also lets me refer to events that didn't actually happen "on camera" in the game.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling on and get back to building. It's good to be back.

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  1. Yay, you are back!! Your aging and seasons is a much smaller increment than anything I've done, with a rotation equaling 2 weeks. Have fun, * off to read the next post*