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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Outside the Wall part 1, Spring 131

VT says: Welcome to the first official story post of the new KS! I'm trying another new rotation style, where I play each household as I feel like it rather than to a specific schedule, and I have to say this lot has had more than its fair share of play time this season already. Let me show you why...

Teal Camp, Spring 131
Vedrafe, Kifsina, Karatla and Ganyalis zan-Avei are 12
Aralata zan-Avira and Kitira mi-Avira are also 12

From left to right: Aralata, Karatla and Kifsina

For the six newest adults of Kulo Seeri, this was the first time away from their parents. Teal Camp had been set up outside the village walls for that purpose - they would live together there for a few years, learning to support themselves and each other. At least, that was what the elders said.

From left to right: Ganyalis, Vedrafe and Kitira

The residents of the camp had other ideas.

"We're here to prove ourselves as adults. Sure there'll be lots of work involved," Kitira said to her cousins, "but this is also our best chance to have fun while no one's watching us!"

"That has to be what they want us to do anyway, otherwise they'd have someone out here keeping an eye on us." Vedrafe replied.

So, as soon as the camp's food stores were built up, things got a lot less serious.

They weren't just becoming adults, they were leaving childhood behind. So why not kick little seedballs around and dance when there was no music playing? Getting the kid stuff out of your system has to be part of growing up, right?

No one out here was telling them what to do, anyway.

Aralata and Vedrafe had taken to practising sparring at every possible chance. They were planning to become hunters, so they had to be ready for that... 

"What was that for?!"

"Aw, come on, Aralata... you fight like a kitten!"

"This is just training, you know..."

If there's one thing Aralata learned from the exercise, it was that he should never underestimate how hard his cousin was capable of hitting.

Both Vedrafe's brothers were starting to see Kitira in a new way. She wouldn't mind, but she could do with some alone time every now and then.

Kifsina had pretty strange ideas about how courtship worked, anyway... ouch.

It was only the first day, but Ganyalis already seemed like a much better option. Kitira was curious about what he'd look like once he started shaman training and shaved his head.

And she wasn't touching Kifsina with a ten-foot spear after the first time he was on cooking duty. One mouthful of that overcooked glop and it was unanimously decided that it would also be the last time Kifsina got cooking duty.

VT says: The teens are acting on free will nearly all the time here, so there's a lot of spontaneous silliness going on. I have so many pics that this will actually be a three-part post! Updates from Teal Camp will be coming in between other story updates though, there are loads of other things going on in KS that I have to blog about too!
And if you're wondering about the name of the camp and the lack of teal items, well, that is kind of a bad joke on my part... because the elders aren't looking. :P


  1. TEAL, ha! I would have just assumed the name had to do with a color used in rite of passage or something!

    That sounds like great fun, VT, having the teens live in a camp to themselves, and basically seeing what happens on free will. I wonder about what the elders' intention really is...

    1. Thanks, I was actually considering working various teal objects/clothing into the rite of passage myself :)

      It's been one of the most fun and dramatic households to play, even if it did fail to work as apartments and I had to convert it back to a regular lot.

  2. I would have guessed with the TEAL, I too, thought it was a color thing. It would be fun if they added an item or two that were teal in color.

    I'm with Kitira and very interested in seeing Ganyalis with his head shaved. It was nice seeing Kifsina cooking, that pot is fantastic for sure! And hey, she shouldn't just cross him off forever, because he can't cook right now, he could gain those skills eventually.

    1. Ganyalis will look very different without his long hair, that's for sure. And you're right about Kifsina's cooking skills... one problem with the group's decision is that he will never improve if he's not allowed to cook again, but he might over time if they were willing to suffer through a few more charred meals. :P