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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Birthday Special: Mission to TS4

Sorry for disappearing again, everyone. You know how it is when everyday stuff gets in the way of blogging, right? Anyway, Sunday was my birthday, and that means it's (slightly late) special post time!

Basically: My brother gave me a copy of TS4 for my birthday. I've been interested in it since I found out how much easier building was supposed to be from that trailer. :) And after seeing how much fun other Simmers have been getting out of it, I decided to try it for myself.

The elder council of Kulo Seeri has decided to send a couple of Sims into TS4 to find out what it's like there. Shaman Zita had a vision of this new world a few years ago, but is unable to go there herself - she's busy training an apprentice and looking after an ill son, in between usual shamanic duties. Instead, her brother Asken and his family are the Sims who have been chosen. Asken and his wife Tia grew up in TS3 SimNation, so at least they know how to work a microwave. :P

Tia is pretty enthusiastic about the trip. First Nuidya to visit TS4-era SimNation? They'll go down in history! They'll probably be heroes! She's a little worried about what the tribe has termed "the Wanderer's Curse" though - every woman who's ever visited TS3 from Kulo Seeri got pregnant during the visit, and it might be the same for TS4. It's the main source of tension in their marriage - Asken wants more children; Tia nearly died giving birth to their only daughter and is NOT going through that again.

Asken's reaction is pretty much the opposite of Tia's: We'll go down in history? Sure, the lorekeepers are probably working on "The Ballad of Asken the Expendable" right now. He's not complaining about the possibility of more children though.

Briar, their nine-year-old daughter, is really excited about going on an adventure. She inherited her mother's former-imaginary-friend attitude to life.

And now, let's see how their first few days go:

Daytime television. The one worry I had about bringing Briar to SimNation. Fortunately she's way too active to spend all day watching the tube. - Tia
Don't let on, but I've missed TV a lot. Nothing like getting up at the crack of dawn to forage for berries and snare hares every day for fifteen years to make you feel nostalgic about even the worst shows. - Asken
Awesome! How did the little Sims even get in there? - Briar

Rashad Sparks is my best friend here. We play on the weird land-boat thingy all the time. We've decided that one day, when we're grown up - like eleven or something - we'll be actual pirates and sail round the world on a ship just like that one, only it will go on water. Or land AND water. Or maybe fly! - Briar

Wow, even chores are brilliant here! We don't have pretty smelling bubbles in the river back home, just ducks and frogs! Bubbles. Heh. We should bring some back. - Briar
Tia was always a workaholic growing up, but I don't remember her being as enthusiastic about washing dishes as Briar is now! Not that I'm complaining, you know. - Asken

I always knew she was a little hyper, but Briar is starting to worry me a little. Every morning since we arrived, we've woken up at sunrise to find she's been working out with the kids' channel on for the last three hours. Not even Vedrafe, Kulo Seeri's resident mini-tornado, does that. What's got into her? - Asken
Insane amounts of sugary snacks, I think, dear. - Tia

BOO! - Asken
Asken, put that camera down! ... Uh, Mission Control? You saw nothing. -Tia
I believe the Simlish word is "rofl". - Briar

These rocks? They're just like the ones back home, only if you whack them hard enough, they're full of... uh... STUFF! Yeah! But if you do it at sunrise or in the middle of the night, people shout at you. Weird. I had no idea city folks were so uptight about banging noises! Especially when those "car" things howl so much louder than wolves. And don't get me started on the...  - Briar
For the love of Sena Yuleng! Tia, stop giving the girl sweets! - Asken

VT says: Regular, totally non-modern Kulo Seeri updates will be returning very soon. I'm just building the last few houses and moving everyone in. I should be done in a few days and ready to blog again, but I thought you might like to see what I've been doing in between prep sessions.

The visit to TS4... ended sooner than I expected, due to a rather foolhardy mod installation. That's all I'm going to say about that, for now at least. The fearless explorers will no doubt return to Kulo Seeri as heroes, and they have indeed made history. *shoos away a stray spoiler, those things get everywhere in here*

I also sent Zareb and Anyu into TS3 premade Appaloosa Plains, hoping to recruit new members for the tribe... preferably a few more male Sims. So far, however, it looks like they'll be coming back with terrible hangovers, four additions to the sacred cats' gene pool, a recipe for cheesesteak and possibly Zareb's girlfriend Oriole. So much for "we'll send two men and avoid the curse that way". :P


  1. Absolutely hilarious, VT! The quip about how did the sims get in the TV reminds me of Just Visiting, the movie about French medieval knights visiting Chicago and trying to save the little people trapped in the TV.

    Also had to laugh out loud at your shooing away stray spoilers. The recruiting foray into Apaloosa Plains sounds like a major hoot.

    Take care!

    1. Glad you liked it. It was actually the TS4 posts on your tumblr that made me change my mind about getting it. :) I had fun getting to know TS4 and writing this little update, it's something a bit different from what I usually do.

  2. Nice! I liked seeing them checking out the modern world, and soap bubbles that smell nice... something I've never fully appreciated! And oh how I adore that Briar wakes up early to exercise to the kids channel. I do want to try this game at some point, looks fun.

    1. It is fun playing TS4, and it's really helped me get to know this family better. I wasn't expecting Briar to be doing that, active as she is, but it sure is adorable! As for the bubbles, I figure a lot of the little things we take for granted would be a novelty to Briar, who's never seen them. :)