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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mad Hair Science

So I learned a thing today. I don't know if it's common knowledge already, but apparently hair colours are not limited to the two genetic values (dominant/recessive) that EAxis set.

TheSilverLining at MTS made a hair genetics mod ages ago - that mod contains four little packages, each of which changes one of the four hair bins from 1 (dominant) to 2 (recessive) or vice versa. I keep the set in my CC hoard for all my not-typical-human-genetics needs, and I was planning to use it in Kulo Seeri to emphasise the fact that, historically, most Nuidya-born Sims have had blonde hair, while red hair is very unusual in KS. (Sena Yuleng's last red-haired descendant was born three generations ago; the only two redheads living in the KS of today, Tania Ursine and Garrett Newson, are technically foreigners.)

The only problem? I wanted three values for my hairs. I wanted black and brown hair - the EA default dominant colours - to be somewhere in between dominant blonde hair and recessive red in Kulo Seeri. Could I tinker with the values in the files?

Yes, I could.

I set TheSilverLining's Black and Brown files from 2 to 1.5, and paired those with the original Dominant Blonde file (no file for red hair, as I wanted it to keep its value of 2). Just to test that it works, I made a random group of three Sims in a testerhood with no CC except these three files.

(Yikes! Well, I did say "no CC"...)

Here are three CAS generated children of the brown-haired man and the blonde woman:

As you can see, every kid these two produced had blonde hair. Next I generated a few offspring for the brown-haired man and the red-haired woman:

And all of their kids came out with brown hair. Success! Want a three-value or even four-value hair genetic spectrum? It's possible!* Just mess around in SimPE and set each bin to whatever values you want.
*Five may also be possible but VT does not know if the custom bin can be tampered with in this way.

So, as I said, I'm not sure if this is already a thing in the Simming community - but it's late at night and I'm excited enough that I got it working to babble about it on my blog :) Anyway, I'd better get some sleep now... tired VT is tired :)


  1. Wow VT this is awesome! Go you, this is a great discovery and so cool you could make it happen for your game!

  2. Really interesting! I had no idea!! Very cool that you are able to customize the genetics for your wants.