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Saturday, June 25, 2016

VT desperately needs help

So I'm rebuilding AGAIN. And I have such a phobia of setup - especially building. So now I'm sort of in panic mode.
My current thought process looks like this:

Gaah. Can't do it. Can't.

But I want to. I need to play again!

Can't. Can't build. No.

Need to play. Can't. No setup! No!

*breaks down crying*

So, toddler tantrum over, but I don't know what to do - I only know that I actually hate building and Sim creating more than I love playing. I'm fed up of restarting Kulo Seeri again and again. I want to play but I can't stand another building session. I want to play something different too, something I haven't been rebuilding for nine years, but I can't think what, and it would involve building and Sim creating anyway because I am more or less allergic to the overly modern premades. And lots, I don't like downloading lots much, because they never quite work for me and trying to remodel or redecorate is harder for me than building!

Can't do it.

Get a grip, VT.

No! Can't!

... any advice?


  1. That's really rough! You've built so many whole neighborhoods, I had no idea how much you struggled with it. Maybe it would help to start with making one sim that you really feel inspired by, and go from there? I love to build, but I almost always build out of inspiration for building more of a world for at least one of my specific sims. I hardly ever build in a vacuum, just to build. I know that you always find a way through challenges, VT, and I look forward to hearing what you decide to create this time!

  2. Hey there, VT, what did you decide to do? Still mulling? Just saying hi :-)