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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Next time, I'll do a story post. Promise.

Sorry for disappearing again! I've been happily distracted in TS3 with a reboot of last year's birthday special, which has managed to spiral out of control and leave me with fifteen Sims in a two-bed house (yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!) - and now I'm back to TS2, I'm also trying to find appropriate winter clothing for my Kulo Seeri Sims, because I started the newest KS in early spring (Sim-time) and it's now late autumn.

Speaking of winter, read on for my latest kooky plan:

My current Kulo Seeri wardrobe choices, as you can probably guess from the pics in my last post, won't cut it in the snow. And you know what else? Neither will their hide tents. They look perfect, but they're pure decorative objects that don't keep weather off whatever's underneath. (In fact, Kenda once got zapped by lightning while sleeping under one. That was taken as a bad omen.) Since my Sims sleep in bundles of furs on the ground, that meant that come winter they'd all be covered in snow while they were trying to sleep.

Now, I didn't want to ditch the tents and build "proper" houses, because KS doesn't feel right when I do that. But I didn't want to have everyone constantly getting snowed on in bed!

My solution? The Nuidya will be shifting to a semi-nomadic lifestyle as of this winter.

How it works: I'll build a subhood to represent the tribe's winter encampment, with caves for them to live in and hot springs to keep them warm. That subhood's seasons will be set to Autumn-Winter-Autumn-Winter, and when I move everyone there I'll change the main Kulo Seeri's seasons to Spring-Summer-Spring-Summer. That way they will spend two seasons in each camp, always moving at the end of summer and winter.

There will be different resources to gather in each subhood, and different excuses to roll dice as well: I'm dividing my ROS lists by season, for one thing, since weather and climate would affect hunter-gatherer tribes much more than modern towns. Also, since they'll be leaving each subhood alone for two seasons, there'll be some kind of table for what kind of conditions they find each village in when they return to it.

I hope that makes sense! It's nearly bedtime for VT so I'll leave it here, even if it doesn't. And I will have a story post soon. :)

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  1. Sounds like a cool use of subhoods and I am intrigued by semi-nomadic cultures so looking forward to seeing it play out. But I really enjoy reading your imaginative ways to use the various sims game engines, too. The caves sound like a great idea.