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Sunday, July 30, 2017

One step forward, two steps back

OK, I have a confession to make - at the moment I'm rebuilding again due to urnstone borkage, so that story post I promised? Probably sometime in the next couple of weeks. But...

I'm still playing the "old" KS until the end of winter. That's four and a quarter more rotations, so there will be updates from the start of the next rotation. Just... don't expect awesome pictures. My landscaping is virtually nowhere in this version.

There are more newcomers... six more arrivals from Sophos and Melchol's homeland, as well as the large extended family (now split between two households) I ended up with in TS3 Moonlight Falls. I'm debating about whether to bring Asken, Tia and their sons back in, and perhaps have Kitira return with them. Plenty of stuff has happened off-screen that I'll have to fill my readers in on through my story posts - it's been roughly two moons since my last intro post!

I'm also experimenting with a new style of writing, one that's closer to the way I imagine the Maltiazi language works. I won't go crazy throwing loads of invented words into the mix, but the occasional Maltiazi metaphor or bit of hunter's slang will make an appearance. To help reduce reader confusion, I'm working on a glossary of key terms that I'll be posting here when I'm done with it. (Amateur Linguist's Fun Time.)

And there will not be any winter camp scenes until the first camp migration in the new hood, because I didn't want to build a subhood when I'm going to have to rebuild it anyway. So I decided that it's going to be a very mild winter that, in game terms, is functionally a longer autumn. I've also decided that I'll only build one winter subhood, even though the new KS will be splitting into two main villages - the colder months will be the time to gather, trade and pool resources. I know a lot of Simmers love building, but I'm not one of them and it makes my job easier doing it this way :)

So, ramble over, time for VT to go to sleep. Thanks to everyone who's still reading, I know I fail at regular updates and I appreciate everyone who's stuck with the blog through its very inconsistent schedule. :D

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  1. Oh I like the idea of subhoods for the seasons, and focusing on different tasks at each location/season. Don't worry about not doing regular updates, most of us have an issue with that ourselves and completely understand.