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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Things to Come, 142.5

Shaman's tent, Winter Flames Festival, just before the 143rd moon.

Muttering a divination chant - quietly, to avoid waking her brother - Vedrafe watched the dancing flames carefully, searching for any messages from the spirits.

She already knew this winter would be a mild one, but what would it bring for the tribe? This would be their last season as one village, with a group planning to move to new territory in the spring. After a few bad omens, it was decided that both villages would be located on new terrain.

It was the best move, given the growing population. A lot of newcomers had arrived in the past moon - six more from Sophos and Melchol's homeland, and a very large family, headed by her former mentor Zita, from Moonlight Falls.

The ancestors often sent signs through fire, and tonight - the Winter Flames Festival, longest night of the year - was the most likely night for that to happen. Vedrafe could just make out the first one, a minor omen of a tribe member's sudden change of goals and priorities.

That was soon followed by what looked like an indication of an unexpected union. Not a bad idea, Vedrafe thought. She could think of several couples that really should have settled down by now, and it would make the move less complicated if they did.

Her thoughts turned for a moment to Pollux zan-Ku, one of the new immigrants. She hadn't known him long, but...

Vedrafe snapped out of that thought as she noticed a third sign, one that predicted a tragic ending. Probably Arafa and Markal, she thought. Their marriage had been showing signs of strain for moons... but then, the spirits rarely spoke to her to state the obvious.

Then the flames went out.

VT says: This method of introducing ROS was shamelessly "borrowed" from Apple Valley's newspaper's crystal ball predictions. ;) Also, I'm back to playing and have enough pics for a full update from one household! Look out for it soon.!


  1. This was a really cool way to do ROSs. Vedrafe is a great shaman, so funny about spirits not bothering to state the obvious. And I am curious now if she'll have an unexpected union, or is that wishful distracted thinking?

    1. It could be either of those things... we shall see :)

  2. This was awesome! What a great way to create intrigue on upcoming ROS! I wonder who it will be! It totally fits the time period too, love it!

  3. Ooo, I love the fire signs!!! So much more interesting than a newspaper-lol!