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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Space-Time Quandaries

VT says: I'm alive! And still rebuilding the download cut for new Kulo Seeri. Grr. Anyway, I'm about to tag off to Nita, a Sim born during one of my two TS3 distractions, to explain a slight dilemma we've got. She's asked me to put this one to my followers, so any feedback is welcome :) VT out!

So, uh, hi? I'm Nita zan-Avira, daughter of Molris mi-Avira, granddaughter of Abina mi-Avira and so on and so forth. Although I'm Sunset Valley born and bred, I do happen to be an eighth-generation Nuidya on my mother's side. She died when I was a kid, but I know enough about her tribe to understand that they're in trouble.

That's me, by the way. I'm the awkward redhead standing between my dad, Cyclone (the middle-aged dude with the shades) and my future sister-in-law, Alana Ashcraft aka Alana-2 (the vampire-fairy-witch with the blood-red wings). The other guy is my brother, Kyran. We're triplets... Alana-1 is the third. But that's beside the point.

The thing is, my mother once told me that Avira - the first ancestor of her clan - was known for her ability to foretell the future. And I guess that must just skip six generations, because when I was about 12, I started to just... know stuff... not just about the future of her tribe, but the past... and alternate presents, I guess? Alana-2 calls it metasight. Like, I know that my family and I exist in a splinter timeline outside the canon Seeriverse, which is currently stuck at some point in time when my mother was a kid. That's mind-blowingly weird on its own.

But there's another splinter timeline as well, one that's gone completely out of control and could bring ruin to the canon Kulo Seeri timeline. I could stop it, but I don't know if that will make things better... or worse.

Here's the story: Kenan zan-Ku and Serena zan-Nutama were immigrants to Kulo Seeri. They had a toddler called Dalos. And Kenan got pregnant, which is a major no-no for guys in KS. Serena was pregnant too, but that's no big deal there. Anyway, after the canon timeline got stuck, this one splinter happened where they decided to go off to TS3-era Lucky Palms, over here in SimNation, to have the babies. They were going to come back and claim the kids were twins, I think.

But before they knew it, the splinter took on a life of its own. The "twins" were given those funny little magic dolls that our younger set of triplets also got, and they eventually turned into kids themselves. (That's Ama, the "twin" Serena had, in the picture with her sister's imaginary friend - the rather mean and ironically-named Hug.)

Oh, and that's Kenan's daughter, Zera...

and grown-up Dalos, who's dating Ama's imaginary friend Pippa.

Then Serena got alien pregnant... twice... and had a son called Ramon,

then a daughter, Selene.

They ended up moving to this massive future-tech mansion that had enough room for everyone. Kenan took up plumbot construction there - another major taboo in Kulo Seeri.

He built this big, scary robot (which he named Cavey) to keep boys away from his daughters. Again, that's not done in matriarchal KS, but Serena couldn't really argue because, well, she died.

Her final kid with Kenan was born two hours after they tried for a baby. I don't know why, but this family seems to be a magnet for pregnancy weirdness. The birth killed Serena...

...and their son Jarret was born a ghost.

Oh, and Dalos is also a werewolf. A literal he-wolf - that's Nuidya slang for a troublesome or aggressive male, and yet another taboo. However, they might return after the canon timeline is unstuck. And that's what could cause a serious disaster. You see, these guys, especially Dalos, have gone a bit power-crazy in the splinter timeline. And since Serena passed away, the family structure has really shifted towards favouring the men. Again, not done in KS. I've been having a lot of random visions of them returning and totally steamrollering Nuidya culture with their robots and everything.

So, now I've explained the situation, here's what I'm thinking. I could go back to the canon timeline, and try to convince Serena and Kenan not to leave and/or warn everyone about the danger. But if I do:
- It will make my splinter timeline part of the canon, which means my mum can't grow up in KS because she died in my timeline, and she'll just vanish from theirs.
- Serena and Kenan not leaving would mean that at least seven Sims (Zera, Ama, Hug, Pippa, Ramon, Selene and Jarret) would probably never be born. Is that worth it?
- Dalos would be back to toddlerhood, but if I tell everyone what he might do in the splinter, he'd have a really hard time growing up and his family might be shunned or demoted to the lowest rank.
- I could get stuck in the canon timeline. Where my mum's twin is eight. That would be weird.

And if I don't:
- Serena, Kenan and Dalos will vanish from KS, because they'll have left. That means Serena will definitely die.
- Their family could come back later and try to take over. That would cost even more lives, probably.
- Not to mention that if I don't meddle with canon, my mum will stay there and grow up there, and I'll never be born... that too is weird.

Anyway, I'm sorry for dragging on so long. I ramble when I'm anxious. Anyway, I need to make this choice before the timelines unstick. Help??


  1. What if Nita does not tell the Nuidya in the original timeline what Dalos did in this one (and Dalos returns to toddlerhood?). I'm wondering how much Dalos would follow the same path if raised in the matriarchal society, a different environment (Not to mention, a different game engine). Also, it seems like it would be great for Kenan and Zera to be able to exist and I'd be interested to see how you work that out in the story and culture.

    It sounds like Nita is thinking of it as a dichotomy but is it really? What if she doesn't tell everyone and yet Kenan and her mom for some reason, still leave, yet return either with "twins" or much later, with the whole branch of the tree?

    I guess the simplest thing to do would be are her second set of options, which means she'd never be born and Serena, Kenan, and Dalos vanish. But I really think there's another path that even Nita can't see. After all, even with the sight, one's own emotions and life experience get in the way :-)

    I am excited to see what you do with this VT! We are leaving for over a week, today, so I will have very little internet connection until middle of next week. By the way, the whole splinter here is really fascinating and I really like Nita.

  2. Ohhh I have no ideas! I like Shannon's suggestions, there seem to be more consequences if she does... but not doing it? That's a tough choice. I'm interested in what you will decide, and I liked Nita's voice in this.