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Friday, June 07, 2013

Six Years Too Many?

So. I've been thinking in between bursts of intense online gaming.

Now, I'm really attached to Kulo Seeri after six years of playing it (read: a year and a half of playing in between four and a half years' worth of rebuilding, more or less) and I love the Sims and the culture and everything. Except... maybe not that much.

It's starting to annoy me.

For one thing, the way the game is coded won't let me do things the way I want to even with a zillion mods. If anyone ever created one that let me properly simulate hunting and gathering, for example, I'd turn cartwheels. Seriously.

Not to mention the fact that the game insists on Sims having last names... a concept that doesn't fit in with Nuidya culture. The main thing that's driving me crazy in this instance: some clan names are derived from names of male ancestors, or passed down by male parents - neither of which is allowed by my personal Simmer's Code any more. And since Nuidya have no gender bias in their culture, I can't change things without stretching plausibility.... although it's stretched enough already to accommodate my younger self's many random whims.
(Please note: I am not actually a man-hater. I just think matrilineal systems make more sense. At least that way you can be sure the kids are who they say they are.)

And then there's the fact that everyone's related, semi-xenophobic and living in the middle of nowhere. Hardly a viable population. Yes, they have allowed outsiders to move to KS, but they still consider SimNation to be a lair of demons... by the way, can you say "inconsistent"?

Oh yes, and I've spent more time rebuilding than playing, which means I barely know my Sims. Which makes writing a blog tricky to say the least, not to mention the drain on play value (the latter also comes from the fact that too many cases of "SimNation have X therefore we don't want it" is extremely limiting, and Nuidya are a stubborn bunch.)

Finally, that whole thing where even if it does have a very different culture it's still located on modern sim!Earth (because I wanted to join the SUN before it went pop) - that is way too constraining for a Simmer whose greatest joy is creating and playing new and unusual societies.

But I love KS. Inconsistent, unviable and irritating as it is, I love it.


I'm starting to wonder if it's run its course. Maybe I should just start a new hood. One that doesn't have the same limitations. But... I sort of feel like it'd be like losing a child.

My head hurts. What do I do?


  1. 6 years isn't too many, I've been playing Apple Valley for almost 10 years and some families even before that with my ts1 hood, greymount. If you are thinking about another hood that isn't as restricting, I say go for it. Start casually and see if you like it, if so, then maybe bring elements of your current game to that new hood. Maybe the new hood is Kulo Seeri 50 years in the future...or the past even? Maybe a few Kulo Seeri inhabitants moved to this new hood and are trying to make sense of it all. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

  2. I agree with Starr that it's not too long, I've been playing households since 2008 that are in Millwood. I wouldn't dream of ditching my hood. But if you are finding lack of enjoyment, perhaps starting a second hood, just for fun would be a nice vacation? Allow you time to miss KS, or allow you the chance to enjoy something else.

    I like Starr's idea of a few KS inhabitants moving to the new hood, and trying to find themselves in the new society/neighborhood. Good luck with your decision!