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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Did I say Thursday? I meant July.

A big Uber-Yoober-Mondo-Sorry to anyone who's been waiting for updates from Kulo Seeri.
I am back to playing now and I did try to get at least one post up before the end of May.

The thing is, while I have got KS back up and running, I'm just not quite back into the habit of taking pictures yet, and besides there's not much happening (it's the first rotation in the new KS and they're always slow). I'm waiting for the hood to get off the ground before I start blogging again, which will be the start of next month at the earliest. (Sorry!)

Also, and this is the biggest contributing factor to the lack of updates over the next month, there happens to be something else that I'm even more obsessive about than Simming that just happens to pop up this time of year. Moltara for the Cup, and that's all I'm saying on the matter. (I will be very surprised if any of my handful of readers know what I'm talking about, but anyway...)

The point is, as far as Simming is concerned, it's June and therefore I have fallen off the planet. I'm really really sorry, but this has to take priority. It's my primary obsession and I couldn't care less how geeky that might make me sound.

See you next month! *waves pom-poms*

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